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21. září 2010

Document Document up to 60 minutes, produced in a time period from 1. 1. 2009 do 31. 5. 2010.

Ways to Freedom – How Eastern Germany Became Western
Jiří Hošek
Český rozhlas 1 – Radiožurnál
Eastern Germany disposed probably the most feared security forces from all communistic countries in Central Europe. Despite of this, it was not possible to resist “the storm of freedom”.

Ways to Freedom – That Revolution Possibly did not Happen
Pavel Polák
Český rozhlas 1 – Radiožurnál
The Rumanian revolution in 1989 was not at all velvet, as it happened in former Czechoslovakia, but bloody. Rumanian people paid a high price for the end of a dictator Nicolae Ceausescu communistic regime. There are still a lot of questions handing over the revolution.

Katyn: Crime and Lie
Petr Vavrouška
Český rozhlas 1 – Radiožurnál
Exactly 70 years ago Poland lost top representatives of their nation when Soviet Union agents shot death twenty-two thousand of Polish war prisoners. For tens of years Moscow has lied about this crime and untruly blamed Germans for it. This crime became historically known as Katyn.

Science and Technology Week – Americans and Big Cars
Vít Pohanka
Český rozhlas 1 – Radiožurnál
About 5 per cent of the world population lives in the USA. You can find there one third of cars from all around the world which produce half of carbon dioxide emissions on the Earth and ecologists ring the alarm. Due to economic crises sale of cars plummeted. Have Americans stopped loving their “dromonds of roads”.

Andrea Hanáčková
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
It is a feature about infidelity; once from the point of view of young, single women falling unhappily in love with older, married men and after twelve years from the point of view of cheated wives.

We Were Neighbours
Bronislava Janečková, Daniel Moravec
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
It is a document about causes and consequences of wars in former Yugoslavia, produced with use of unique material of Radio Beograd about bombing by NATO army.

Galery 20 – Jan Pirk
Helena Dubničová
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
It is a “Heart matter” of our famous cardio-surgeon, Professor Jan Pirk.

Swan Dream about Soul
Dagmar Misařová
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
It is a document based on collected information about Věra Racková and her life with her third child, a daughter called Zuzana suffering from a very difficult disease. She, despite her illness (cerebral palsy), managed to write a poem with help of a computer keyboard. Later, the poem became a libretto of wheelchair dancers’ performance at the Theatre of Puppets in Ostrava.

Galery 20 – Mathilda
Bronislava Janečková
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
It is a portrait of a countess Mathilda Nostitzová, who, despite unsettled history of her noble family, helped blind people.

We Are not Children of 17 November 2009
Daniel Moravec
Český rozhlas 2 – Praha
This document called “We are not children or Ten days which trembled Czechoslovakia“ by Ivan Rössler and Ivan Holeček was made in December 1989. After twenty years, Daniel Moravec addressed a random group of people to evaluate post-November development.

“Czech Magnate” Karl Kautsky
Aleš Knapp
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
It is a document devoted to a Prague historian, journalist, politician and one of the most important representatives of socialist movement Karel Kautský.

Favorit Rokycany
Miroslav Buriánek
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava/Český rozhlas Plzeň
This document, made in association with Tamara Salcmanová, shows and analyses the history of a factory Favorit Rokycany with those who witnessed its great epoch as well as its bankruptcy.

Haiku of Breastfeeding Mother
Hana Železná
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
It is a radio draw made of haiku, interviews and comments of Olga Škochová Bláhová and musical inspirations of Štěpán Škoch.

Are We Fed Up?
Marek Janáč, Daniela Fischerová, Martina Vodičková, Eva Nachmilnerová, Gabriela Albrechtová, Tomáš Černý
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
This is an untraditional document about twenty years of democracy in the Czech Republic.

Marseille 1940 – Destiny Crossroads
Michal Lázňovský
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
In summer 1940 a young American arrived at Marseille to protect about 200 of important intellectuals and artists whose lives were in danger after France had been defeated. His name was Varian Fry, and during one year he eventually saved 2000 people.

Najponk’s Obstinate Blues
Eva Nachmilnerová
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
This document about one of the most interesting young Czech jazz musicians witnesses not only current Czech jazz scene but also looks deeper into artist’s soul.

At the Edge of the World
Jiří Slavičínský
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava/Český rozhlas Ostrava
A small place called Rýmařov, the last train station, a border region, Sudetenland. How is the present of this place influenced by its past? Is there anyone who really wants to live here?

Heaven, Hell, Paradise or Kámasútra of Pilsen
Tamara Salcmanová, Miroslav Buriánek
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava/Český rozhlas Plzeň
This programme was intended to be broadcast at the very late New Year’s Eve and is framed between paradise of delight and bliss and heaven and hell.

I Have Survived...
Tamara Salcmanová, Miroslav Buriánek
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava/Český rozhlas Plzeň
It is a document about a transportation of Jews from Plzeň to Terezín.

Old Railway Goodbye
Ondřej Vaculík
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
This document focuses on the most dramatic change of our railway since ever – so called optimalization.

Šuby duby” America or Underground Needs Truncheons
Martina Toušková, Martin Schuster
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
A concert of a famous group Plastic People Of The Universe was planned for summer 1974 in South Bohemian town Rudolfov. Before the performance started, audience was violently ridden down. In this way the cult group started to be followed up.

The One You do not Know is Among Us, part 2
Miloš Doležal
Český rozhlas 3 – Vltava
Po stopách „Číhošťského zázraku“ a komunisty umučeného kněze Josefa Toufara./It is a part 2 of a document about “Číhošť” Miracle and a priest Josef Toufar who was tortured to death by communists.

Way from Silence
Hana Soukupová
Český rozhlas 6
Apoplectic seizure comes without warning and it can happen to anyone…It is a question of a short time and you lose the ability to communicate with the world around you. This document describes the difficult way from silence and depressive and lonely world of aphasic feelings.

Gabriela Albrechtová
Český rozhlas 6
It is a document about two Czech climbers Radek Jaroš and Zdeněk Hrubý who participated in an expedition to Dhaulagiri, sixth highest mountain of the world. It was in the year 2008 and they practiced so called alpine way of climbing. On the way up the mountain, they saved lives of two Polish climbers and on the way down the mountain, they saved lives of two Spanish climbers.

Cubby-hole of Hope
Dominik Mačas
Český rozhlas 6
This document from a cycle “Good Will” presents a charity worker Anna Srbová from Plzeň. As a full time job she helps those in need to get from the very bottom of the human society back on feet.

Short Long Journey
Teresie Bečková, Martin Hanzlíček
Český rozhlas 6
A Slovak sociologist Fedor Gál decided to follow the “death march“ journey from a concentration camp Sachsenhausen in order to experience the last journey of his father murdered by Nazis.

Don’t Hesitate to Start Again
Petra Hynčíková
Český rozhlas 6
In autumn 2008 a university of third age was open in a town of Louny. Students of the university headed by a director Renata Vordová founded a theatre ensemble “Third Age” and very successfully performed their original performance at contests of amateur theatres.

Story from Leningrad
Jan Sedmidubský
Český rozhlas 6
Lilia Chalupová, Russian living in 1950s in Plzeň, as a child survived blockade of Leningrad during World War II. An inner narrator of her story in this document is music by Dmitrij Šostakovič and extracts from his memoirs.

To See Box or To Search for Remains of St. Anežka Česká
Daniela Vrbová
Český rozhlas 6
In 2009 some people believed that they knew where for ages lost remains of St. Anežka Česká were located. Their idea was based on a vision. This document describes their effort to start an archaeologist research in belief that their vision is true.

Dream Returns
Lenka Svobodová
Český rozhlas 6
These are stories of Jews coming back from freed concentrate camps to Czechoslovakia. According to them, the return was much harder than the hell of holocaust. Injustice remained.

Refugees of Barma celebrated Easter in the Czech Republic
Milena Štráfeldová
Český rozhlas 7 – Radio Praha
It is a document about a village teacher’s family from Barma who got asylum to live in the Czech Republic. They start their new life and have new home in Oseček near Poděbrady. They experience also disillusion from a difference between their imaginations and reality.

Church of St. Cyril and Metoděj, 18 June 1942, About Those Who did not Give Up
Martina Bílá
Český rozhlas 7 – Radio Praha
Pokus o rekonstrukci posledního dne parašutistů, kteří provedli atentát na Reinharda Heydricha./This document tries to demonstrate the last day of parachutists who realized assassination on Reinhard Heydrich.

East Germany – Czechoslovakia – West Germany: Autumn Emigration Story of 1989
Christian Rühmkorf
Český rozhlas 7 – Radio Praha
Journey of thousands of emigrants went through West Germany Embassy in Prague and it was the same for Altheides’ family. This document presents hours and days of anxiety before it was clear that the family was allowed to travel to West Germany.

Voice of Freedom behind Iron Curtain – Portrait of a Journalist Lída Rakušanová
Radka Kvasničková, Ivana Pustějovská
Český rozhlas Olomouc
Lída Rakušanová became one of symbols of Radio Liberty/RFE which provided people of former Czechoslovakia with true information about a life, not only behind “iron curtain”.

Czechia, Unknown Country – Railway Station in Pardubice
Tomáš Klement
Český rozhlas Pardubice
Imposing building of a railway station in Pardubice from the year 1958 is a unique construction. Post functionalistic wonder of architects such as Řepa, Danda and Kalvoda offered passengers unbelievable comfort including a railway station hotel and cinema.

How do Former Sportsmen Live These Days: Jiří Kynos
Tomáš Klement
Český rozhlas Pardubice
A cycle called “How do Former Sportsmen Live These Days” is about life stories of people who were devoted to a sport, both famous people and individuals with interesting (post) sport experiences. This part of the cycle tells us about a great former sprinter Jiří Kynos.

Beads for Pope
Jana Davidová Kracíková
Český rozhlas Pardubice
It is a document about a present of Czech bishops which was handed over to Pope Benedikt XVI., during his visit in the Czech Republic on 28 September 2009 – St. Wenceslas Day.

Thousands of Painted Eggs
Jana Davidová Kracíková
Český rozhlas Pardubice
Inhabitants of a village called Dříteč made unusual preparation for the Easter. Apart from traditional ceremony they wanted to collect thousands of painted eggs and decorate with them a birch in the village square.

Velvet Kutná Hora
Jan Zítka
Český rozhlas Region, Středočeský kraj
This document presents the beginning of a velvet revolution in Kutná Hora, especially how students and teachers those days experienced the first days of the revolution.

Miracle of Číhošť
Milan Kopecký
Český rozhlas Region, Vysočina
Číhošť is a small village of Czech-Moravian Highlands that did not escape communistic despotism. During a Sunday mass on 11 December 1949, a wooden little cross on an altar of a church of the village moved.

End of World War II in Europe – 5 May
Ladislav Dvořák
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
It is a serial mapping the last days of World War II. As a result of leaking information about coming end of the war, there are many places of Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia, where people demonstrate their dissatisfaction.

End of World War II in Europe – 6 May
Ladislav Dvořák
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
It is a serial mapping the last days of World War II. Russian army attack operation in Prague begins on 6 May.

Stories of 20th Century – Story of Václav Jakeš and Jan Pecka
Adam Drda
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
It is a documentary programme mapping a life story of a farmer Jan Pecka, who has given shelter Václav Jakeš at his farm for 16 years.

Stories of 20th Century – Story of Rudolf Bělohoubek
Mikuláš Kroupa
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
It is a documentary programme mapping a life story of Rudolf Bělohoubek, a citizen of former Czechoslovakia with German origin.

Solidarity – Step to Freedom
Petr Vavrouška
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
Exactly thirty years ago, employees of shipyard in Polish Gdansk started to protest. As a consequence, they founded the first independent trade union movement called Solidarity, and started to fight against communistic regime.

Cowards After 64 Years
Martina Mašková
Český rozhlas – Rádio Česko
A novel by Josef Škvorecký “Cowards” describes a life in a small frontier town in the end of World War II. This document compares how Škvorecký describes events, memories of witnesses and historical researches.

Fame Rush or Bad Dreams of St. Anežka
Adriana Krobová
Český rozhlas Leonardo
This document is devoted to searching for remains of St. Anežka. At the beginning there was a true effort to find for ages lost remains but as a result there was just an effort of some people to promote themselves.

Castle Game
Adriana Krobová
Český rozhlas Leonardo
This document is a continuation of previous investigation into the situation of New Castle nearby Kunratice. An author of the document resumed to follow a slow process how to save this historic sight.

Castles of Václav IV.
Adriana Krobová
Český rozhlas Leonardo
It is a special part of a programme called Monitor, this time devoted to a personality of the Czech king Václav IV., the time and sights of his reign. The programme tries to explode some myths connected with his personality.

Slovak State and Holocaust
Viera Kučerová
Český rozhlas Leonardo/Bonafide, o.s.
This document is devoted to a holocaust topic and Jewish Code in the time period of Slovak State.

Genius loci – Big Fatra
Marián Grebáč
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Děvín
It is a radio composition on atmosphere, history, literary heritage and undisputable value of the natural jewels. It is a spirit connection of the place with its artistic and human reflection.

Catch pit – Symbol of Burnt Villages
Jozefína Mikovínyová
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Regina (Banská Bystrica)
This document was made on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Slovak National Rising and it is about one out of 102 destroyed Slovak villages which was as the only one not renovated.

Muse behind Bars - part I
Ján Bábik
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Děvín
It is the first part of a trilogy about Slovak writers’ imprisonment after communistic plot in 1948. Their biographies often avoid the time of imprisonment or mention it just partly.

New Year without Zora
Ivica Ruttkayová
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Děvín
This document is based on a novel by Ján Rozner “Seven Days after Funeral” tells about his wife’s (Zora Jesenská) death and Slovak society in 1970s of the last century.

Last Danube Kilometres
Eva Faksová
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Regina (Banská Bystrica)
Danube is the second longest river in Europe. It springs in Schwarzwald, flows through 10 countries and the length of the flow is 2850 km. It flows into Black Sea in Rumania where is a National Park.

Special Case
Stanislav Kaclík
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Děvín
An author of this document along with international radio experts speak about a phenomena well known to all radio microphone professionals; they are “bigheaded”.

Slovak Katyn
Jozefína Mikovínyová
Slovenský rozhlas, Rádio Regina (Banská Bystrica)
This document tells about murders of 187 men and boys by Soviet and Slovak partisans in September 1944 in a village Sklené. This crime has been tabooed for a long time. Only after the year 2000 it was a subject to prosecution.

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