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21. září 2010

Restless Night 2
Jitka Škápíková/Tomáš Černý
Czech Radio 2 - Praha
It is the second part of three-hour programme devoted to 40th anniversary of August occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Salon Time: "Banned Music" - underground music
Marta Růžičková/Tomáš Katschner
Czech Radio Hradec Králové
4th part of a cycle "Banned music" was prepared for "eight" anniversary of our country and shows how the year 1968 had changed Czech music.

Those Forgotten in History
Alena Zemančíková/Alena Wagnerová
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava
It is a story of Czechoslovakian German antifascists using witnesses talking.

68.69: Brno
Radim Nejedlý
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava/Czech Radio Brno
It is a documentary story of several inhabitants of a town Brno presenting how the events of the years 1968 and 1969 influenced their lives with untypical intensity.

Story of Colonel Josef Švec
Petr Hladík
Czech Radio Region, Vysočina
Josef Švec was an important legionary commander. Vlastimil Valda and Zlata Fořtová from Czechoslovakia legionary village survey his life story and events that forced him to commit a suicide.

Jihlava After Munich 1938
Petr Hladík
Czech Radio Region, Vysočina
The programme presents how archivists Ladislav Vilímek and Ladislav Vondrák perceived events of the year 1938 when they at that time lived in a lonely place Brodek nearby Jihlava.

Masaryk's Lány
Patrik Rozehnal
Czech Radio Region, Central Bohemia Region
It is a document that on the occasion of 90th anniversary of Czechoslovakia draws attention to the importance of the personality of T. G. Masaryk and his relation to area of Lány. The programme surveys a time period from World War I, proclamation of a new state and building up democracy till our first president vacation from office.

Russian Alphabet in Milovice
Soňa Jindrová
Czech Radio Region, Central Bohemia Region
These are memories of witnesses of August 1968 events in Milovice, area Nymbursko, reflecting arrival and departure of Soviet soldiers from the town that became one of symbols of August invasion.

Destiny Eight in Czech Finance or else Most Required Currency in Europe
Jana Davidová - Kracíková
Czech Radio Pardubice
We obviously use coins and banknotes but do they have their destiny? This artistic document is based on historical resources and archaeological discoveries of coins.

Whistling is Banned, Clapping is not Necessary
Oleg Pastiše
Slovak Radio, Radio Slovensko
Feature about August 1968 events.

Does cannon in Darkovičky Fire or else What Changed During 70 Years in Military Area in Hlučín-Darkovičky (year 1938)
Dagmar Misařová
Czech Radio Ostrava
This is a document about what changed over last 70 years in military premises in Hlučín-Darkovičky. A narrator is Jan Polášek, a patriot and expert in military history.

Year '68 in Radio Ostrava or else Witness of Eight August Days
Dagmar Misařová
Czech Radio Ostrava
The programme goes in the track of witnesses of the 1968 events, moderators Eva Mudrová and Ivan Šedivý, known through Television Ostrava, but with radio hearts. And that was why in August days they hurried up to radio microphones.

Revived Radio - August 1968 in Czech Radio České Budějovice
Martina Toušková
Czech Radio České Budějovice
Direct participants will talk about the August 1968 events. In the document there will be authentic recordings from those hectic days. Most of recordings you will listen to for the first time after 40 years.

Destinies: "Before Munich and After Munich 1938"
Ondřej Vaculík
Czech Radio 2 - Praha
This is a documentary investigation with an archivist from Karlovy Vary Milan Augustin into what was before "Munich" in the area of Sudation Germans and on the contrary, with a historic Jan Kuklík, what was after that.

Battle on Radio Waves
David Vaughan
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava
This is a testimony of a British journalist living in the Czech Republic about the first media battle in the history which happened in connection with Munich settlement.

My Brother Jan
Marek Janáč
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava
Programme about a victim Jan Palach with new information from newly accessible archives.

Hot Summer ´68
Marek Janáč
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava
This document is compiled from a young woman's diary notes who decided to emigrate in 1968. In the document authentic sounds are used.

Destinies - John McCrae
Jaroslav Beránek
Czech Radio 2 - Praha
Ninety years ago, on eleventh day of eleventh month of the year 1918 at eleven o'clock, World War I ended. Field poppies became soon a symbol of killed soldiers in the war, especially thanks to a poem "On Flemish fields" written by Canadian army surgeon and poet John McCrae in 1915.

Stairs of Time 2008
Martin Groman/Tomáš Černý
Czech Radio 3 - Vltava
Stairs of time were made up by an editor Zdeněk Bouček in the year 2003. He could realise only the years 2003 - 2005. After he had been unexpectedly gone, new authors started to work on the programme and have been creating for three years, in a form of sound short-cut, something like sound history of 20th century.

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