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21. září 2010

I. Popularly educational programme or else What no one knows, has never happened (international category)

Libor Vacek (1960) - jury chairman
journalist, economist, lecturer of communication and voice education

After he had finished his studies at the University of Economics, he worked for 14 years in the Czech Radio, during the years 1993 - 1997 he was a chief editor of the Czech Radio 2 - Praha. After the year 1997 he was employed in the Czech Television, Economic Newspapers and he worked also as a spokesman of several governmental institutions. Currently he has been a Central School Inspector Deputy. He still works for the Czech Radio as a word interpreter and a lecturer of voice education for new coming editors.

Ľubica Drutarovská (1960) - jury member
editor, publicist, moderator

In years 1992 - 2003 she worked as a news and publicism editor of the Slovak Radio in Košice Studio. She focused on topics such as education, environment and tourism. She created a conception of children publicistic programme called Radio Špunt and initiated a tradition of a Day with Radio Špunt. In the year 1997 she was awarded a prize of the Slovak Literary Fund. She was involved in a programme Studio of Young People which was awarded in a competition of radio programmes organised by BBC in the year 2003. Further, Ľubica Drutarovská was awarded a prize of Crystal Microphone and she won a public inquiry The Best Moderator of the Slovak Radio 2003. Since 2003 she worked as a head of news and publicism edition and recently she has been a team leader of the Centre of publicism, moderating and music programmes of regional edition in Košice.

Monika Gerdesowa (1960) - jury member
editor, moderator

She finished her university studies of Wendish and Russian languages in the year 1982. Since 1989 she has worked in Wendish Radio and since 1992 as an editor of studio Budyšín. She works as an editor and moderator of morning news broadcasting and she produces Sunday cultural programmes.

Eliška Závodná (1951) - člen poroty/jury member
editor, moderator, translator

She studied Romanisation, comparative literature and theory of theatre (Czech Republic, France and Austria). After she had finished her studies she started working as an editor in the Czech Radio 2 - Praha. At the beginning she was preparing radio language courses, later on she worked on publicistic programmes for children and youth. Since 1990 she has prepared and moderated a series of historical programmes (Historical club, History through back side stairs, Odyssey). In the year 1999 she created a series of popularly educational 15minute-programmes called Encyclopaedia of Connections and in the years 2001 - 2003 she was involved in preparation of broadcasting and moderating of programmes called Guest to House. She translates from French (A. M. Delcambre) and German (J. Urzidil) languages. Since 2008 she has been working in the Czech Radio 3 - Vltava in a special programmes edition.

Vladimír Kořen (1973) - jury member
journalist, moderator

He finished his studies in the year 1998 at the Charles University, specialisation journalism - politics. After he had shortly worked for the Czech Radio he started working in the Czech Television News department. During his 15-year praxis he has changed several positions. He was doing editorial work, news moderating and had a position as a head of programmes ("21" or "Events, Comments"). Nowadays he specialises at popularisation of science. He has prepared several programmes such as Czech Heads, Live Heart of Europe or Planet Science. This year, along with a Slovak actor Maroš Kramár, he started moderating of a popular educational show called Miracles of Nature. Vladimír Kořen was several times awarded, e.g. the prize Czech Head for popularisation of science, medal of Vojtěch Náprstek awarded by a chairman of Academy of Science, and prize of Eco-film 2007 for the cycles Live Heart of Europe.

II. Radio play or else To give magic glasses showing riches of colourful tones...

Jaro Rihák (1951) - jury chairman
director, scriptwriter

He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, specialisation direction. In years 1977 - 1983 he worked in the theatre of Jonáš Záborský in Prešov, in years 1983 - 1987 he focused most of all on documentary films direction (e.g. "Where did I Play"). For the next 21 years he has been working as a director in the Slovak Radio (e.g. "Lord of the Rings"). In the years 2005 - 2008 he was as well a director of the Literary - dramatic centre of the Slovak Radio. Since 2000 he has been co-operating with the Slovak television (e.g. "Foreigners", "Albert, Albert", "Sad waltz" or "Story"). Since 2009 he has been self employed and currently working on a script of a full-length film "To the Other Side".

Zuzana Grečnárová (1960) - jury member
playwright, editor

At the university she studied the Faculty of Theatre and after that worked as a playwright in the Czech Television. Since 1999 she has been working in the Slovak Radio. At the beginning she worked as an editor of art-documentary programmes and since 2000 she has been a playwright of radio fairy-tales. Apart tales based on novels, she focuses on original radio production and Slovak authors of fairy-tales. She is a co-organiser of different radio events for children and youth as well as radio festivals "Miracle Little Nut" and "Prix ex Aequo".

Jan Čeněk (1969) - jury member
sound engineer, pedagogue

He studied at FAMU (Film Academy of Performing Arts), specialisation sound control, graduated with a film Indian Summer directed by Saša Gedeon and with a graduation thesis Recording and Reproduction of Sound Space. In the year co-founded a Sound Studio Bystrouška which focuses most of all on sound realisation of original film production - drama, documentary and animated cartoon. In the years 1987 - 1999 he worked in the Czechoslovak and later on Czech Radio as a technician and sound engineer. Since 2003 he has been sharing his experience as an external pedagogue at FAMU. As a sound engineer he participated in lot of full-length films such as trilogy Wild Bees - Happiness - Teacher from Village and other films such as Whisper, Bloody Hugo, Dead Beetle, Return of Idiot, What to catch in Rye, Journey from City, Sentiment, Shark in Head or El paso. He also co-worked on a documentary cycle of Lukáš Přibyl called Forgotten Transports.

Martin Pinkas (1971) - jury member
sound director, pedagogue

After studies at conservatoire - trumpet branch, he graduated in 1999 from HAMU (Music Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts), specialisation sound control. In the year 2007 he became an inceptor of Film and Multimedia Production department of Prague FAMU. In the years 1999 - 2004 he worked as an expert of Sound Studio of HAMU where he has been recently working as a researcher. Since 1999 he has been working as a pedagogue of Sound Production department of the faculty. He participated in lot of commercial CD projects, studio recordings connected with HAMU students' activities, concerts recordings, accompanying recordings to inceptor works as well as in electro acoustic music projects. He is an author or co-author of the following publications: Typology of Sound Signal Editing in Recording Practice, Interconnection of Musical Monophonic Signals by the Edit of the Music from Objective, Music Recording Edit and others.

Alfred Strejček (1941) - jury member
actor, reciter, musician, scriptwriter

After he had studied musical art, he played in reputable Prague theatres. He is an author as well as an interpreter of a programme on J. A. Komenský entitled Vivat Comenius that has been already performed in three languages alternations in thirty countries. He co-operates with well-known artists - a guitarist Štěpán Rak, an actress Jitka Molavcová, a musician Jiří Pavlica and many others. His work for Czech Radio is significant; there are more than thousand radio programmes he participated at.

III. Under sky with already 27 stars

Václav Moravec (1974) - jury chairman
editor, moderator, pedagogue

He graduated from the Faculty of Social Science at the Charles University with a title Doctor of Philosophy. Currently he has been working there as a lecturer. Since 1992 he has been working as an editor and moderator. He has worked for radio stations such as Profil, Evropa 2, Frekvence 1 and the Czech Radio. In the years 2001 - 2006 he was an editor of the Czech section of BBC. Since 2004 he has been moderating a discussion programme of the Czech Television called Václav Moravec's Questions, at the same time he has been moderating an every day interview of the Radio Impuls called Václav Moravec's Impulses. In the year 2003 he was awarded a prize of the Foundation of Czech Literature Fund called Journalist Quail devoted to journalists aged up to 33, in the year 2008 he was awarded a prize Elsa of the Czech Film and Television Academy in a category "Moderator of the Year".

Miroslav Debnár (1979) - jury member
editor, moderator

He graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Matej Bel, specialisation publicism, and the Philosophy Faculty at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, specialisation journalism. Since 1999 he has been employed in a regional studio of the Slovak Radio in a town Bánská Bystrica. He had worked here as a news editor and moderator. Recently he has been a team leader of the Centre of publicism, moderating and music programmes.

Jefim Fištejn (1946) - jury member
publicist, essay-writer, scriptwriter

He studied journalism at the University in Moscow and philology at the University in Vienna. He is well-known for his long term working in the Radio Free Europe. He also worked for two years as a chief editor of newspapers Lidové noviny. He is an author of a lot of political articles, comments and cultural essays in Czech, Russian, German and English daily press, as well as several books and scripts of many documentary films. Since the 90s he has been working externally for the Czech Radio 2 - Praha. In the year 1995 he was awarded a prize Silver Quail of the Czech Literature Fund.

IV. Destiny numbers or (inter)play of coincidence?

Ľubomír Zeman (1949) -jury chairman
journalist, lyricist, scriptwriter

He graduated from the University of Philosophy, specialisation journalism. He was awarded an academic title for his work as a music publicist in a radio. He was on important positions in Slovak radio, he was a founder and a director of RADIO ROCK FM and a marketing director in Slovak radio. He is well-known as well as lyricist; he is an author of nearly 500 lyrics. He travelled all around many countries as a journalist and musician; he took photos and wrote reportages for reputable newspapers and magazines, he worked on radio programmes and television scenarios.

Yvonne Přenosilová (1947) - jury member
singer, editor, moderator

As a singer she performed in the theatre Semafor or with groups Olympic and Apollo. She performed in England, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany or Austria. After she had signed a petition "Two Thousand Words" she emigrated in 1968 to Germany where she worked as an editor of the Radio Free Europe. In the year 1994 she returned back to the Czech Republic to live here. To the year 2005 she co-operated with the Czech Radio and currently she has worked as a radio editor (Country Radio) as well as she is involved again in singing.

Ervín Kukuczka (1944) - jury member
poet, publicist, priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church

He studied a branch metallurgist-steelmaker and worked for several years in ironworks in Třinec. In 1960s he became an actor of the Prague theatre ORFEUS. After he had been forced to finish his theology studies, he worked in many worker positions. In the years 2002 -2004 he was a member of the Czech Radio Council.

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